CLS Capital: Financial Empowerment through Real Estate Investment

A few years ago, a group of visionary Latino members of the National Association of Real Estate Investors saw an opportunity to share a common dream with their local community; to provide their community with access to private real estate opportunities in the United States and, at the same time, empower the American and Latino community. This is how CLS Capital was born, a company with a clear purpose and a passion for real estate investment.

The founders of CLS Capital shared a unique vision. They knew that the real estate market offered exciting opportunities, but they also understood that the private real estate investment market has been a topic that has been handled in investor-only groups; thus CLS Capital provides the opportunity for minority groups to have access to the information and resources to participate in it.

We decided it was time for a change.

Our raison d'être is to empower the American and Latino community with the opportunity to access real estate investment and ultimately improve their financial well-being. The company seeks to educate, empower and support community members to make informed investment decisions, build long-term wealth and achieve financial independence.

CLS Capital combines the pursuit of financial returns with a mission to empower the American and Latino community through real estate investment. We strive to balance business success with positive social impact by offering investment and educational opportunities.

CLS Capital's purpose: we divide it into four pillars.

Education and training

To provide the community with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand the real estate investment market, identify investment opportunities and make informed financial decisions.

Access to Investment Opportunities

Facilitate access to real estate investment opportunities, allowing the community to participate in real estate projects that might otherwise have been out of reach.

Wealth generation

To support the community in building real estate investment portfolios that generate passive income, capital appreciation and long-term wealth.

Social responsibility

To contribute to the economic and social development of the American and Latino community, creating a positive impact in terms of employment, housing and community development.

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