Frequently Asked Questions

When you are a first time customer, it takes us 3 to 4 weeks, once we receive all the required documents.

You can go to our website or contact us directly. Email  (919)275 2521.

You must register your company as an LLC, INC, S Corp. We have our team of professionals that can guide you through the process.

This depends on the project you present us with.

In most cases 10% to 20% is needed. This depends on the product you are applying.

If, it is for a Rental property, at least you must have it rented for 6 months and show the lease agreement you have with your tenant(s); if it is a new construction we can do the Cash Out once the construction is finished.

You as an investment property owner have the benefit of using the equity in your property from 70% to 80%. With this money you can use it to continue growing your investment portfolio and have more cash flow.

Yes, we can also make these types of loans.

Working with CLS Capital is having a solid partner to guide you on the path to financial success through the real estate market. In addition, we the partners of CLS Capital have experience in the real estate investment market for more than 10 years.

Yes, a foreigner can also incorporate his own company and invest in the United States. There will be no income verification, nor is a tax return required.

No, these products are focused only on Investment Properties, that do not reside in them, for example: buy a house and put it for rent, buy a house that needs repairs and the purchase price of the house is below the regular selling price, in this case it is a Fix and Flip.

No, we only lend money for real estate investments.

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